Beatrice Prior

Beatrice is Divergent's sixteen-year-old protagonist. She joins Dauntless on Choosing Day and begins calling herself Tris. As a divergent, Tris plays a major role in foiling Erudite's attempt to wrest power from the Abnegation council.

Caleb Prior

Caleb, also sixteen, is Beatrice's brother. On Choosing Day, he joins Erudite. Caleb becomes enamored with Jeanine's philosophical stance on governing the city but withdraws his allegiance to Jeanine when he discovers that she has been creating long-range transmitters to control Dauntless soldiers.

Andrew Prior

Andrew is Natalie's husband and the father of Caleb and Tris. He is noticeably upset when both his children choose to leave Abnegation on Choosing Day. Despite his misgivings, Andrew later teams up with Tris and Caleb to defeat Jeanine. He dies in a shootout with Dauntless soldiers on his way to retrieve the simulation data from the control room of Dauntless headquarters.

Natalie Prior

Natalie is Andrew's wife and the mother of Caleb and Tris. Originally from Dauntless, she declared for Abnegation when she was sixteen. Because of her background, Natalie supports Tris's decision to join Dauntless. It is Natalie who rescues Tris from the glass tank at Abnegation headquarters. Later, she dies in a hail of bullets after she puts herself between Tris and Dauntless...

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