Divergent Chapters 7–9 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 7–9 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 7

Lauren takes charge of the Dauntless-born initiates, while Four leads the transfers. Four's first act as a leader is to introduce his initiates to the Pit, an enormous underground cavern. Carved-out spaces in the stone walls of the Pit serve as storage facilities or activity rooms. Rock paths and steps connect each space, but there are no safety barriers to prevent people from falling to their deaths. Next, Four shows the initiates the Chasm, a gorge with a raging river at its bottom. The Chasm is located on the right side of the Pit. Immediately after, the initiates are led to the Dauntless dining hall, where Tris eats her first hamburger.

Eric, an arrogant Dauntless leader, eventually joins Tris, Christina, and Four at their table. Eric makes derogatory comments to Tris and calls her a "Stiff." For her part, Tris senses tension between Eric and Four. After dinner, Eric addresses the group and sets about establishing strict ground rules for daily conduct; he tells the group that their performances will be ranked and that their rankings will be compared to those of Dauntless-born initiates. The rankings are crucial because they determine post-initiation jobs and, more importantly, decide which ten initiates will become members of Dauntless. Those who are not in the top ten will be declared factionless. Later that night, Tris quietly cries herself to sleep while Al, another initiate, openly bawls.

Chapter 8

The next day, Four explains that initiation is divided into three stages and that the recruits will be learning how to use guns. At lunchtime, Christina invites Al to the table she's sharing with Tris. Will, an Erudite transfer, eventually joins their group. He tells everyone he's uncomfortable eating with Edward and Myra, two other Erudite transfers who are dating. Tris finds the public display of affection between Edward and Myra disconcerting, and...

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