Divergent Chapters 4–6 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 4–6 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 4

When Caleb arrives home with Susan and Robert in tow, Beatrice is forced to lie about her reasons for leaving the test early. After their classmates leave, Caleb tries to get Beatrice to explain her early departure; however, Beatrice reminds him that they are not supposed to discuss the test. For his part, Caleb agrees to put on a united front before their parents and helps Beatrice cook dinner, even though it is technically her turn. At dinner, both Caleb and Beatrice profess innocence when their parents mention hearing about a problem with one of the tests.

Beatrice's father, however, is more concerned about an Erudite report criticizing Marcus, one of the Abnegation council leaders. In the report, Jeanine Matthews (Erudite's representative) asserts that Marcus's physical abuse of his son, Tobias, led the boy to leave Abnegation for Dauntless. Beatrice's father bitterly maintains that Erudite's lust for power compels it to spread offensive rumors, concluding that Tobias's defection was nothing more than a betrayal. Later, before they enter their separate bedrooms, Caleb gives Beatrice a surprisingly uncharacteristic piece of advice about choosing a faction: he tells her to think not only of her family, but of herself.

Chapter 5

Beatrice and her family make their way to the twentieth floor of the Hub to attend the Choosing Ceremony. The ceremony room is arranged in circles, and in the innermost circle stand five large metal bowls, each containing a substance that represents a specific faction: the Candor bowl, glass; the Amity bowl, earth; the Erudite bowl, water; the Abnegation bowl, gray stones; and the Dauntless bowl, lit coals. While saying goodbye to her parents, Beatrice comes to the uneasy realization that her father expects his children to remain in Abnegation. Meanwhile, Beatrice's mother tells her that she will love her no matter which faction she chooses.

(The entire section is 950 words.)