Divergent Chapters 37–39 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 37–39 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 37

Tris, Caleb, Andrew, and Marcus make their way to Dauntless headquarters. As the train approaches its destination, Tris coaches everyone about jumping onto the Dauntless roof and down into the main entrance to the compound. Tris’s companions land on the net safely, but it is an unsettling experience for them. Meanwhile, a guard shoots at the group, and Tris investigates. She discovers that it is Peter. Tris’s old nemesis explains that he is not under control of the simulation, and she demands to know the location of the computers that are running the simulation program. When Peter hesitates, Tris shoots him in the arm. Knowing that Erudite will kill him for divulging the location of the computers, Peter only agrees to help in exchange for joining their group of vigilantes. Disgusted by her lack of alternatives, Tris agrees, and Peter takes them towards the eighth floor of the glass building. On the way, Andrew chides Tris for shooting Peter, and they argue about the ethical implications of her actions. Andrew has a change of heart, however, when he sees that Dauntless soldiers have no compunction about shooting to kill. On the first floor, Tris orders Marcus and Caleb to stay behind with Peter while she and Andrew make their way to the control room. As the elevator opens to the eighth floor, Tris and Andrew are greeted by more guards. In the ensuing shootout, Andrew dies, and despite her grief, Tris pushes on to the control room. There, she sees Tobias seated before a computer screen that is displaying simulation code.

Chapter 38

Immediately, Tobias orders Tris to drop her weapon. He is clearly under the control of the simulation and does not recognize Tris. After putting down her gun, Tris rushes Tobias to prevent him from shooting her. She ducks as he shoots, kicks him in the ribs, and manages to twist the gun out of his hand. Before she can reach for the fallen gun, however, Tobias punches her in the jaw. Tris manages to land a kick to his stomach, but...

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