Divergent Chapters 34–36 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 34–36 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 34

Tobias and Tris are taken to Jeanine. The Erudite leader admits that she suspected Tris of being divergent but that Tobias eluded her. She concludes that she probably missed the signs because Tobias's divergence is weaker. Tobias scoffs, but Jeanine gleefully proclaims that she has developed a new serum to control divergents. She mocks Abnegation for being a faction that consists of weak-willed, self-righteous fanatics who reject wealth and technological advancement. In her new world order, Jeanine expects Abnegation to be absorbed into Dauntless and every inhabitant to respond obediently to Erudite simulations. She tells Tobias that her new serum will manipulate his surroundings to control his will.

As for Tris, Jeanine decides that her injury makes her useless as a test subject and orders her to be executed. Distraught, Tobias proclaims that he would rather die; he kisses Tris and then lunges at Jeanine's throat. It takes two Dauntless soldiers to subdue him before Jeanine can inject the serum into his neck. Immediately after he is injected, Tobias tries to strangle Tris. A soldier pulls him off; Jeanine then orders Tobias to be taken to the control room and Tris to room B13. As two soldiers drag Tris away, she bites one of them. The soldier hits back, and Tris blacks out.

Chapter 35

Tris awakes in a glass tank that is slowly filling up with water. From the presence of a video camera, Tris knows that Erudite leaders are observing her. Despite her fear of a watery death, Tris wills herself to relax. Before the tank is full, she hears a gunshot. The glass tank...

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