Divergent Chapters 31–33 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 31–33 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 31

Tris is relieved the test is over, and Eric congratulates her. As she turns to leave, he tells her that he has to inject her with a tracking device that the Erudite developed. Tris is immediately wary but decides to comply; she does not want Eric to doubt her loyalty. Meanwhile, Tobias informs Tris that she impressed Dauntless leadership by only facing seven fears in her fear landscape; he personally thinks that she will be ranked first.

Tobias then invites Tris to his room. There, they kiss passionately, but Tris soon pulls away. She confesses her fear of failing to meet Tobias's sexual expectations. Tobias chides Tris for her misconceptions and reassures her that she is not merely a sexual conquest. He also reveals that he is a virgin himself, which surprises Tris. The two then proceed to show each other their tattoos. Tris is amazed to discover the symbols of all the factions on Tobias's torso. Tobias explains his belief that everyone should appreciate and embrace the virtues of all five factions. On a more somber note, both agree that they need to warn Abnegation about Erudite's war plans.

Chapter 32

Tris meets up with the rest of her peers. She learns that Christina wants to be an initiate trainer, while Peter and Will want to be Dauntless-leaders-in-training. During their conversation, Christina asks Tris why the Dauntless leaders were laughing as she navigated her fear landscape. Sheepishly, Tris confesses that one of her fears was sexual intimacy. Will then demands to know whom Tris was afraid to have sex with, but Tris lies and says that the man in her...

(The entire section is 752 words.)