Divergent Chapters 28–30 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 28–30 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 28

To let off steam, Tris takes a train to Erudite headquarters to see Caleb. At the main Erudite building, she inquires about her brother but is rebuffed by the staffer on duty. By chance, Caleb is nearby and calls out to Tris. They make their way to a former park named "Millennium" (across from Erudite headquarters) to talk. For the first time, the siblings appear uncomfortable with each other. Caleb tells Tris that something big is looming on the horizon, and he appears to lean towards Jeanine's assessment of Abnegation. The conversation ends on a sour note after the siblings argue bitterly about Erudite's ethics. On her way out, Tris is apprehended by two Erudite staffers. They take her to Jeanine.

From her nemesis's voice, Tris is able to place Jeanine as the woman who talked to Eric in the hallway. During their conversation, Jeanine asks a series of probing questions about why two of Tris's simulations went unrecorded. To deflect attention away from the subject of her divergence, Tris acts the part of an arrogant, hard-nosed Dauntless initiate. When she returns to Dauntless headquarters, Tris is given a dressing-down by Eric. Tobias walks in and asks Eric to let Tris go, chalking Tris's actions up to her disappointment at being romantically rejected by him. Eric buys into the ruse and lets Tris off with a warning. After Eric leaves, Four explains that he was only treating Tris harshly to avoid accusations of favoritism, and Tris forgives him. Back at the dormitory, Christina confesses to Tris that Will kissed her. Tris is thrilled for her friend but sad that she cannot discuss her own romance with Tobias. Later that night, Tris and Tobias take a train ride. Tobias confesses that he has seen Erudite's plans for a war against Abnegation. Both Tris and Tobias speculate that Erudite will use Dauntless soldiers to battle Abnegation.

(The entire section is 863 words.)