Divergent Chapters 25–27 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 25–27 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 25

Will, Tris, and Christina get new tattoos. Tris has the Abnegation symbol inked onto her right shoulder. Afterwards, the trio stand at the railings overlooking the Chasm and throw down stacks of Erudite reports. It is supposed to be a cathartic experience, but Will and Tris get into an argument about Jeanine (the Erudite representative) and her intentions. They also argue about Abnegation's right to rule unilaterally. Eventually, Tris spots Four climbing towards the Pit's glass ceiling and decides to follow him. Aware that Tris is shadowing him, Four asks her to enter his fear landscape with him. He also implies that the experience will reveal his real name and why he is called Four.

During the simulation, Tris notes that Four's first three fears are heights, small spaces, and the act of killing. When a man materializes in front of them, Tris identifies him as Marcus Eaton, a prominent Abnegation leader. Suddenly, Tris realizes that Four is Tobias, Marcus’s son who defected from Abnegation for Dauntless. Determined to protect Four, she jumps in front of him as Marcus attacks Four with a belt. Tris manages to destabilize Marcus, but the simulated figure fights back. Eventually, Four jumps in front of Marcus to protect Tris, and the fear landscape vanishes. Tris is incredulous that Four only has four fears and realizes that this is exactly how Four got his name. Meanwhile, Four tells Tris that he has something else to show her.

Chapter 26

Four and Tris make their way to the bottom of the Chasm. There, Four reveals that he chose Dauntless even though his test results...

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