Divergent Chapters 22–24 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 22–24 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 22

Tris wakes up in Four's room. In the bathroom, Four is washing blood off his knuckles. When Tris questions him about her attackers, Four grimly tells her that he deposited Drew at the infirmary, but Al and Peter managed to get away. Tris feels great satisfaction in knowing that Four injured Drew badly. Four offers to report the attack, but Tris rejects his suggestion. She doesn't want her enemies to think that she is afraid of them.

Despite her ordeal, Tris is most grieved at Al's actions. Four consoles her by telling her that Al hurt her because her strength made him feel small. He then gives her a surprising piece of advice: for now, she must present a vulnerable front to her enemies in order to stay safe. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, she will be poised to destroy her adversaries. Tris tells Four that he scares her, and he tells her not to call him Four. When she asks him what she should call him, he lets her know that he isn't ready to tell her.

Chapter 23

Tris spends another night in Four's room. She watches Four as he sleeps and decides that she likes him. Even though he is not particularly tame, his intelligence and courage are awe-inspiring. The next morning, Tris keeps her head down when she enters the dining hall. Uriah, Will, and Christina question her about her injuries, and she tells them about the attack. Everyone is shocked when she mentions that Al was part of the ambush. Drew walks in, and his injuries appear to be substantial. Tris notices Four's satisfied smile when she looks over at him.

After the meal, Four takes the initiates above the...

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