Divergent Chapters 19–21 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 19–21 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 19

Back at the dormitory, Tris is furious when she discovers Peter reading aloud from an Erudite article denigrating the Abnegation leadership and her parents. The article in question also includes Molly's insinuation that Tris's father is an abusive parent. Before Tris can beat up Molly, Will grabs her. He drags her into the hallway and tells her to ignore rumors that she is powerless to stop. To divert Tris, Christina invites her to the tattoo parlor with her, Al, and Will. There, Christina persuades Tris to get a tattoo of the Dauntless seal, to put on makeup again, and to purchase a shirt that exposes more skin.

Later, Al gives Christina a piggy-back ride as they leave the parlor. Although Al seems like his old self again, Tris worries that he is just putting up a front. On the way back to the dormitory, the group sees Four socializing by the Chasm. He has a bottle in his hand and appears intoxicated. When he approaches the group, Tris is the only one he addresses. He comments on Tris's tattoo and compliments her on her looks. Four's flirtatious behavior is noticed by Tris's friends, and Tris knows that Will overheard their instructor's compliment to her. Feeling self-conscious, Tris tries to stop Will from repeating Four's words in front of Al, as she doesn't want to hurt Al's feelings.

Chapter 20

Tris finds that the simulations are causing her anxiety during her waking and sleeping moments. In one particularly frightening simulation, she is drowning in a glass box. She hears herself call for help, but no one steps forward. In the end, she breaks the glass panes of the box and escapes from a watery death. From her ability to manipulate the simulation, Four deduces that Tris is divergent. He tells her that he will delete the footage and warns her against exposing her...

(The entire section is 885 words.)