Divergent Chapters 16–18 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 16–18 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 16

On the afternoon of Visiting Day, Tris returns to her dormitory to find Al sitting alone. He is hiding from his parents in order to avoid answering uncomfortable questions about his progress. Tris commiserates with him, but things become awkward when Al tries to put his arm around her. At dinner that night, Will, Al, and Christina discover that Tris did not kill the dog during the aptitude simulation tests. In order to protect the secret of her divergence, Tris tells them that she was classified as Abnegation but chose Dauntless anyway. After dinner, the initiates gather in the dormitory, where Four explains the ranking system. As everyone expected, Edward is ranked first. Knowing how competitive Peter is, Tris is extremely suspicious of his uncharacteristically calm reaction to coming in second place.

Although Tris is thrilled to discover that she is in sixth place, her happiness is clouded when Molly threatens vengeance against her. In Molly's mind, Tris is to blame for her fifth-place finish. That night, Tris has trouble sleeping. She wonders why her mother defected to Abnegation and why she wants Caleb to research the simulation serum. Suddenly, a bloodcurdling scream pierces the night air. When the lights come on, Tris sees that Edward has a knife stuck in his eye. He is bleeding profusely and writhing in pain. Tris works to calm Edward until he is taken away to the hospital. Later, Tris discovers that Edward and Myra are no longer Dauntless initiates. Their departure means that Al will stay in the ranks.

Chapter 17

Tris sits in an unknown hallway in order to avoid her dormitory. She thinks that she can still smell Edward's blood there, even though she knows that she scrubbed the floor thoroughly. Soon, a group of Dauntless-born initiates passes by, and Uriah addresses her. When he invites her to join the group in a private initiation ritual, Tris accepts. On the train, a girl named Shauna mentions that she learned about Tris from Four. Shauna also discloses that Four taught her how to fight. Hearing this unsettles Tris, and she feels a strange urge to...

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