Divergent Chapters 13–15 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 13–15 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 13

The next morning, Eric orders everyone to target practice with knives. Tris notices that Eric is in a bad mood and deduces that he is still upset about losing to Four's team. During the practice, Al is the only initiate whose knife fails to hit the target. Furious at his failure, Eric commands Al to retrieve his knife while the others are still throwing theirs. Al balks, and this prompts Eric to give full vent to his anger. He orders Al to stand in front of the target while Four throws knives at him. Four objects, but Eric reminds him that he has final authority in all things. Unable to stay silent, Tris calls Eric out for his behavior, reminding him that bullying is a form of cowardice in the Dauntless world.

Angered by her defiance, Eric challenges Tris to take Al's place. She does, but during the knife-throwing, Four tries to goad Tris into giving up. This confuses and angers Tris; she begins to wonder whether Four is baiting her on purpose. Eventually, Four throws a knife that nicks Tris in the ear; immediately, Eric orders Four to stop. Eric can't hide his admiration for Tris's courage, but Tris refuses to acknowledge his praise. Later, Tris confronts Four, who tells her that she should be grateful to him for helping her. When Tris objects to this rationale, Four mysteriously proclaims that he's getting tired of waiting for her to “catch on.”

Chapter 14

On the day before Visiting Day, Tris wonders whether she wants to see her parents again. As she puts on her clothes, she finds that her pants no longer fit her. Due to the intense Dauntless regimen, her body is now heavily muscled. After putting her towel around her waist, Tris makes her way back to her room to look for another outfit....

(The entire section is 853 words.)