Divergent Chapters 10–12 Summary and Analysis

Veronica Roth

Chapters 10–12 Summary and Analysis

Chapter 10

Tris returns from the shower only to find that someone has spray-painted "Stiff" in red across her mattress and written the same word in smaller letters on her bed frame and pillow. She suspects Peter, but he refuses to confirm her suspicions. Meanwhile, Al agonizes over beating up his initiate peers. When they arrive for training, Tris discovers that she will face Peter in the ring. Al advises her to feign unconsciousness after a few blows, but Tris, worried about receiving a low ranking, thinks that she should try to fight. Unfortunately, Tris is no match for her larger foe, and she is knocked unconscious after several of Peter’s powerful blows. Tris awakes in a hospital room with Will, Al, and Christina by her side.

Soon, Will and Christina leave for dinner while Al stays behind to tell Tris about the next day's field trip to the Fence, where initiates will learn about Dauntless jobs. As Al and Tris converse, Tris gets the distinct feeling that Al is beginning to have feelings for her. Although she appreciates his support, Tris knows that she will never be attracted to someone as fragile as Al. During the exchange, Al looks for reassurance that he is not a coward, but Tris is only able to satisfy him with platitudes. Both initiates wonder if their families will be there for them on Visiting Day. Later that night, Tris slips back to her dormitory room; she doesn't want to give Peter the satisfaction of knowing that he put her in the hospital overnight.

Chapter 11

The next morning, Tris is still in pain from her injuries. With Christina's help, she makes it to the train just in time for the field trip. Al helps her up into one of the cars, and Peter gloats at her misery. He makes a joke about being "Stiff" and is joined in laughter by Molly and Drew, his sidekicks. On the train, Tris finds that she can't take her eyes off Four. The initiates note that the Fence is guarded by armed Dauntless guards. Will mentions that the Dauntless guards also used to patrol the factionless sector; however, they stopped once the Abnegation voted them out. While giving the initiates a...

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