Discworld – Lord Vetinari Quiz

How well do you know Ankh-Morpork's tyrant?

  1. Lady Roberta Meserole is Vetinari's _______.

  2. Vetinari staunchly denies rumors of a shadowy spy and police force called _______.

  3. Vetinari wrote the following suggestion on the wall of the pit into which he throws mime artists:

  4. How did Vetinari successfully resolve the war with Klatch?

  5. Before Lord Vetinari became Patrician, Ankh-Morpork had a problematic rat infestation. The city set a bounty for rat tails, which only seemed to increase the rat population. What was Vetinari's solution?

  6. Another name for Thud, one of Vetinari's favorite games, is _______.

  7. The main meeting room in the Patrician's Palace is called the _______.

  8. Vetinari's crossword puzzle nemesis is employed in a _______.

  9. What was Lord Vetinari's rationale for creating the Thieves Guild?

  10. The best word to describe Lord Vetinari's philosophy of governance is _______.

  11. What did Coin the Sourcerer do to Lord Vetinari?

  12. Vetinari's beloved terrier was named _______.