Discworld – Lord Vetinari Quiz

How well do you know Ankh-Morpork's tyrant?

  1. Vetinari staunchly denies rumors of a shadowy spy and police force called _______.

  2. The main meeting room in the Patrician's Palace is called the _______.

  3. Vetinari wrote the following suggestion on the wall of the pit into which he throws mime artists:

  4. What did Coin the Sourcerer do to Lord Vetinari?

  5. How did Vetinari successfully resolve the war with Klatch?

  6. Vetinari's crossword puzzle nemesis is employed in a _______.

  7. Lady Roberta Meserole is Vetinari's _______.

  8. Another name for Thud, one of Vetinari's favorite games, is _______.

  9. Before Lord Vetinari became Patrician, Ankh-Morpork had a problematic rat infestation. The city set a bounty for rat tails, which only seemed to increase the rat population. What was Vetinari's solution?

  10. What was Lord Vetinari's rationale for creating the Thieves Guild?

  11. The best word to describe Lord Vetinari's philosophy of governance is _______.

  12. Vetinari's beloved terrier was named _______.