Style and Technique

(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

“On Discovery,” like many other Kingston stories, utilizes the style of “talk-story,” the Chinese phrase for storytelling. Based on the oral tradition of passing on both family history and Chinese legend to younger generations, talk-story, as developed by Kingston, becomes a complex fusion of many genres—part myth, part history, part memory—all of which combine to form a search for identity, both personal and racial.

In Western culture, the storyteller, revered as the memory and voice of the tribe, recounts tales of bravery, tales that enable the tribe to preserve and perpetuate itself. This important function is, in a patriarchal society, almost exclusively a male role. In Kingston’s immigrant Cantonese society, it is the women who talk-story while the men, isolated by separation from family and culture and oppressed by New World masters who often forbade them to talk, lose their voices and eventually descend into an eerie silence. Kingston encapsules this point masterfully in Tang Ao’s only directly recorded speech when he asks, “What are you doing?” and the old woman replies, “Sewing your lips together.” She is joking, of course, but her answer emphasizes the power and importance of words. To be totally silent is to be truly powerless.

Kingston also underscores the silence of the sojourner heroes by both the choice of title and the structure of China Men, the autobiographical novel in which “On...

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On Discovery Historical Context

The Gold Mountain and the Chinese in America
Though "On Discovery" takes place in the timeless domain of legends and myths, it...

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On Discovery Literary Style

The setting of ''On Discovery'' is the Land of Women, which is, the narrator suggests, North America. The Land of Women...

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On Discovery Compare and Contrast

1980s: Vincent Chin, a Chinese American, is murdered in Detroit in 1982 by two unemployed white men who, enraged over the influx of...

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On Discovery Topics for Further Study

Kingston has said that "On Discovery" is the introduction to an epic novel. What connections do you see between "On Discovery" and the other...

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On Discovery Media Adaptations

Maxine Hong Kingston Reading "The Woman Warrior," "China Men," was released as an audiocassette in 1987 by American Audio Prose...

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On Discovery What Do I Read Next?

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts (1976), by Maxine Hong Kingston. In her first book, considered a companion book...

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On Discovery Bibliography and Further Reading

Buckmaster, Henrietta. "China Men Portrayed with Magic," in The Christian Science Monitor, August 11,1980, p....

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On Discovery Bibliography

(Comprehensive Guide to Short Stories, Critical Edition)

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