Dime Novels Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


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Surveys the subject matter of early dime novels and explores the genre's roots in Gothic fiction and in the social conditions of early nineteenth-century England.

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Argues that through analysis of dime novels a new type of detective character, the “Avenger Detective,” emerges.

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Examines the identities of the authors and illustrators of dime novels.

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Examines the common literary devices and structures found throughout dime novels.

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Suggests reasons for the immense popularity of dime novels.

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Examines the causes of public outrage against dime novels, arguing that the outcry was unwarranted.

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Reexamines Michael Denning's scholarship on dime novels and class ideology.

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States that contrary to public opinion, the original dime novels adhere to a strong moral order.

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Describes the campaigns of nineteenth-century public librarians to prevent children from reading dime novels.