Digenes Akrites Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


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Searches for the roots of Digenes Akrites in the oral tradition and discusses the poem's impact on certain Greek ballads of modern times.

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Contends that problems in Book 6 are likely the result of the careless joining of a source epic and folk song material.

———. “The Taming of Digenes: The Plan of Digenes Akrites, Grottaferrata Version, Book IV.” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 35, no. 3 (autumn 1994): 293-308.

Describes the inner unity of Book 4.

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Examines illustrations on Byzantine pottery that may be based on episodes from Digenes Akrites.

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Analyzes contradictions and conflicts in the text of the Grottaferrata manuscript.

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Explores the historical background of the first section of Digenes Akrites and analyses how it changed in the course of its adaptation.

Jeffreys, Michael. “The Astrological Prologue of Digenis Akritas.” Byzantion 46 (1976): 375-97.

Contends that the prologue found in some manuscripts was a forgery made by a compiler named Eustathios to conceal that the true beginning was missing.

Ricks, David. “The Pleasures of the Chase: A Motif in Digenes Akrites.Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 13 (1989): 290-94.

Argues that the theme of the hunting of women is more coherent in the Escorial version than the Grottaferrata and thus supports the claim that the Escorial is the earlier version.