Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Digby Grand

Digby Grand, a spirited young Englishman, perfectly willing to follow his father’s wish that he be a man of fashion. Leaving Eton, he is commissioned as an ensign in a regiment of infantry. After being stationed first in Scotland and then in Canada, Digby finds that his father has purchased him a lieutenancy in the most social brigade in the service, the Life Guards, stationed in London. Digby is popular in the best society, but he goes heavily into debt. He falls in love with a penniless girl whom his father forbids him to marry. Prevented by creditors from leaving England to go to India as a general’s aide, he sells everything he owns, including his commission and, upon his father’s death, his estate. Left only his title, he is taken into business by a friend who has become a wine merchant. Business prospers, and Digby, settling down at last, makes plans to marry his old sweetheart.

Sir Peregrine Grand

Sir Peregrine Grand, of Haverley Hall, Digby’s father, who wants his son to be a man of great social position and to marry a wealthy heiress.

Tom Spencer

Tom Spencer, Digby’s boyhood chum. Studying for holy orders at Oxford, Tom co-signs moneylenders’ notes for Digby. As a result, he is later arrested and consequently cannot finish his degree at Oxford. He then becomes a successful wine merchant and takes Digby into the business with him.


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