Chapter 9 Summary

Sammy is bubbling over with excitement when Dicey meets him after school the next Monday. Gram had shown up at school during recess with a big bag of marbles "that must have belonged to one of her sons." She had given the bag to Sammy, then stayed to play. Gram had beaten everyone, and when she was done, she gave back the marbles she had won. The students were all impressed, and although Ernie had joked that he was glad he did not have "a crazy grandmother," Custer, a nice boy who has lots of friends, had said that "he wished he had a grandmother like that."

Miss Eversleigh, the home economics teacher, comes into the store while Dicey is at work. Dicey grins at her, and Miss Eversleigh remarks, "I didn't know you could...

(The entire section is 873 words.)