Chapter 12 Summary

The family buries Momma under the old paper mulberry tree at the front of the house. As James and Sammy take turns digging a hole in the dark, soft earth, no one says anything, and Dicey can hear the wind blowing in the branches. The paper mulberry has four main trunks which are held together by thick wires. Gram says that if the wires weren't there, the tree would split, "broken apart by the weight of its own growth." Gram thinks the tree "is like families."

When James finally puts the shovel down, Gram takes the wooden box containing Momma's ashes and kneels to place it gently in the hole. Dicey wonders for a moment if they should sing or say something, but Gram just picks up a handful of dirt and drops it back over...

(The entire section is 685 words.)