Chapter 10 Summary

As she looks at the frail figure lying so absolutely still under the sheets, Dicey knows that her mother is dying. She looks over at her grandmother and notices that tears are streaming from her eyes; it is not like Gram to cry. Dicey and Gram sit on either side of Momma on chairs which have been kindly brought in by Preston, the floor nurse. Gram takes one of Momma's limp hands in her own, and in the saddest voice Dicey has ever heard, says softly, "Oh Liza."

Gram begins to talk then, assuring her daughter that she will take care of the children, "Dicey and James, Maybeth and Sammy." She goes on to talk about each child in turn and laments, "I wish you had come with them...I wish you had come home years ago." Momma's...

(The entire section is 887 words.)