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The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank

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What items, besides her diary, did Anne Frank's family take into the secret annex?

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Besides her diary, Anne Frank and her family brought limited items into the secret annex due to the need for secrecy. They wore multiple layers of clothing and brought essential personal belongings, such as a menorah, candles, a radio, books, and Anne's fountain pen. Preparations included storing some possessions in cardboard boxes within the annex and decorating Anne's room with movie posters to create a semblance of normalcy.

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Anne Frank and her family were not able to bring much with them when they went to the secret annex. The Franks brought with them only a few items. Otto Frank had prepared in advance to go into hiding by leaving a lot of the family's possessions with friends for safe keeping.

When they leave, the family brought only the clothes that they could wear in layers, since to carry a suitcase might arouse suspicion. Margot did bring a number of books that she carried in a school bag. A number of cardboard boxes had already been stored in the annex with a few of the family's possessions, including a radio. They also had with them a menorah and candles which they lit briefly to celebrate Channukah. Anne brought her fountain pen, a prized possession that she had for several years before going into hiding. One interesting item that the Franks brought with them were movie posters which Anne put up on the walls of her room in the annex. Anne felt that this gave her space a more comfortable and normal feeling.

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They didn't have much. There was no television back then (believe it or not), but they did have a radio that they listened to very carefully and very quietly. Mr. Frank and his friends prepared the annex months ahead of when they went into hiding, so they did have some furniture, such as a table and chairs, beds, and a few personal belongings. To avoid suspicion, they put on as much clothing as they could before moving into the annex, so they probably didn't have big wardrobes. Peter Van Daan brought his cat, which caused tension between him and his father when food supplies started to get low.

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