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The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank

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What are the 10 main events on pages 40-57 of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl?

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The answer really depends on which version of the book you are reading. This is from the hardback version copyrighted in 2001. The September 27, 1942 entry deals with Anne's constant arguments with her mother, and the reactions to it of both her father and sister. On September 27, she describes an argument about modesty among the mothers which turns into an argument over child-rearing. The following entry describes each individual's use of the bathing time and their preferred locations. Finally, on October 1, actions frighten Anne when someone rings the doorbell to the offices. Later the same day, Mrs. van D. celebrates her birthday with Peter and Anne performing a skit. New clothes are bought for the girls on the black market, and a  course is ordered for their education. On October 3, Anne and mother argue AGAIN, then Anne describes a rather grown up book she was allowed to read called Eva's Youth that contained sexual information. On October 7, Anne daydreams of a trip to Switzerland and describes what she would buy. On October 9, Anne learns details of the mistreatment and abuse of her fellow Jews.  October 14, Anne describes the studies she and the other occupants undertake to pass the time in the Annex. She ends the entry with everyone's weight being revealed.

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