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Research the types and styles of entertainment most popular during the 1660s, then compare this to the types of popular entertainment available today. Based on what has happened in entertainment in the past four centuries, discuss what types of popular entertainment you think will be available four centuries from now.

Pepys’s diary gives an account of an English naval administrator during the 1660s and as a result, offers an aristocratic perspective. Research the history of the English navy during this time period and write a few sample diary pages from the perspective of a common English sailor.

In The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Pepys makes many entries about the food that he eats, and food plays an important part in the vitality of the country, especially in the navy. Research the types of food that people ate in 1660s England, including the prices of these foods. Create a sample menu with descriptions and prices, which might be used in a tavern in the time period.

Pepys was noted for his interest in science, a field in which there was growing interest. Research the scientific advancements that took place during the 1660s. Pick one and write a paper explaining how it either has or has not benefited modern society.

Imagine you are going to travel back in time and spend a day in London during the 1660s. Research the acceptable social behaviors of the time period and write down ten tips on what not to do while you are on your trip.


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