Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl Overview Quiz

How much do you know about the words of a very courageous young woman? Take the Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl Overview quiz from eNotes to find out. Contains ten questions about the Franks' ordeal in Nazi Germany.

  1. How many people initially live in the hiding place?

  2. Before they moved to Amsterdam, where had the Franks lived?

  3. What does Anne name her diary?

  4. What do the Franks call their prearranged hiding place?

  5. Which of the Van Daan's does Anne find boring?

  6. What hides the entrance to the hiding place?

  7. When does Anne's story begin?

  8. Who do Anne's parents see as a role model for her?

  9. Besides the original people, who else comes to live with the Franks?

  10. Which word best describes Anne's relationship with her mother?