The Diary of Anne Frank

by Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett

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What did Anne give Mr. Van Daan for Hannukkah in The Diary of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl?

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In The Diary of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne made it a point to get everyone in the secret annex a gift for Hanukkah--even her roommate, grumpy Mr. Dussel. First she presents the others with homemade gifts: cigarettes from loose pipe tobacco for Mr. Van Daan; a muffler for her father; an IOU for 10 hours of service for her mother; a crossword puzzle book for Margot; shampoo for Mrs. Van Daan; a razor for Peter; and a ball of paper with a string for Mouschi. Then, Anne unveiled her present for Dussel.

Dussel. For me? You have something for me? (He opens the small box she gives him.
Anne. I made them myself. 
Dussel (puzzled). Capsules! Two capsules! 
Anne. They’re earplugs! 
Dussel. Earplugs? 
Anne. To put in your ears so you won’t hear me when I thrash around at night. I saw them advertised in a magazine. They’re not real ones... I made them out of cotton and candle wax. Try them... See if they don’t work... See if you can hear me talk...
Dussel (putting them in his ears). Wait now until I get them in... so.
Anne. Are you ready? 
Dussel. Huh? 
Anne. Are you ready? 
Dussel. Good God! They’ve gone inside! I can’t get them out! (They laugh as DUSSEL jumps about, trying to shake the plugs out of his ears. Finally he gets them out. Putting them away) Thank you, Anne! Thank you! 

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