Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Diana Merion Warwick

Diana Merion Warwick, a witty, charming, and beautiful woman. She is a person who makes mistakes because she does not believe that the conventional thing is always the right thing. She learns from her experiences, however, and becomes a wiser woman. She marries Augustus Warwick primarily as a matter of convenience. When she becomes friendly with the elderly Lord Dannisburgh, her husband accuses her of infidelity. She is found not guilty of this charge by a court, but she refuses to return to her husband. She becomes a novelist, but her initial success does not last, and she finds herself reduced to poverty. In these circumstances, she sells some information told to her by Sir Percy Dacier, who is in love with her, thus betraying his confidence. She finally consents to become the wife of a man who has loved her for many years. Diana makes many enemies, but she is also the sort of woman who is loved and admired by many men.

Augustus Warwick

Augustus Warwick, the politician whom Diana marries when she is a young woman. He is calculating and ambitious and is completely incapable of understanding his wife’s innocence of the demands of conventionality. He tries to force Diana to return to him, but she will not. He is finally struck down and killed by a cab in the street.

Sir Percy Dacier

Sir Percy Dacier, a young politician who falls in love with Diana after she has...

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