The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

Written over a period of four years and spanning more than eight hundred pages, Dhalgren is Samuel R. Delany’s magnum opus. Dhalgren’s main character is the twenty-seven-year-old Kid, who suffers from selective amnesia and other mental disturbances. At the novel’s start, Kid is hitchhiking to Bellona, a midwestern city trapped by a mysterious disaster in a shifting zone of reality where time runs in loops and occasionally a giant red sun or two moons appear in the heavens.

On his way into Bellona, Kid meets a strange Asian woman who, after they make love, turns into a tree. This surreal opening begins Dhalgren’s conflicting realities: Are the novel’s strange events real, or are they the result of Kid’s delusional point of view?

Upon entering Bellona, Kid becomes the lover of a former electrical engineer named Tak, who introduces Kid to the cult of George Harrison, a powerful black man worshiped in Bellona’s ghetto. Tak takes Kid to the city’s hippie commune, and there Kid meets Lanya, who becomes Kid’s next lover. Kid also finds a notebook containing the journal of an anonymous past owner. Be-cause of Dhalgren’s time loops and Kid’s amnesia, Kid himself could have written the journal at an earlier or later time.

Kid begins to write poetry in this notebook. These poems become the basis for Brass Orchids, a book published by Roger Calkins, the eccentric owner of the city’s newspaper, the Bellona Times.


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