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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The Devil's Elixirs tells the story of Francis (later known as Medardus, after he becomes a monk). As a monk at Capuchin convent, Medardus is left in charge of a mysterious potion, known as the devil's elixir because it turns someone evil after they drink it. Knowing about the negative effects of the potion, Medardus doesn't dare to drink it. However, he does so on St. Anthony's day after he sees a mysterious painter in the audience during his sermon. The man looks so familiar that Medardus drinks the elixir to confirm that he is not hallucinating. From there on, Medardus experiences a series of unexplainable events; most them include murders and identity theft. One moment, someone is dead, and then in the next scene, they are alive. All these events lead to an incredible revelation: the painter in the crowd is Medardus's father, and he, too, drank the elixir. Medardus's father was trying to atone for his sins. Medardus also discovers his brother, Count Victorin, drank the elixir and has been going around committing vile actions. The book is just an interesting tale of Medardus's family and their attachment to the devil's elixir. It is an interesting read for those that love drama, religion, and fantasy.

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