The Devil's Arithmetic Chapter 19 and Epilogue Summary

Jane Yolen

Chapter 19 and Epilogue Summary

When the darkness of the cave of death resolves itself, Hannah finds herself staring at an apartment door across an empty hallway. Shifre and Esther are gone, and when Hannah turns to look behind her, she is startled to see her family waiting expectantly at a table set decorously and piled high with food. The old man at the head of the table asks Hannah, “Is he coming?” Hannah looks back at the empty hallway and whispers, “There’s no one there.”

Another of the men at the table calls Hannah to come back in, and she goes to sit by her Aunt Eva, in the chair reserved for the prophet Elijah. All the grown-ups raise their glasses in a toast to life, “L’chaim,” and when Hannah turns to Aunt Eva, she...

(The entire section is 524 words.)