The Devil and Tom Walker Lesson Plans
by Washington Irving

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Romantic Characteristics in "The Devil and Tom Walker"

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DIRECTIONS: Listed below on the left are the eleven characteristics of romanticism that we discussed in class. On the right, find quotes from the story that support each characteristic. BE SURE to include the page number after each quote. You must have supporting quotes for EIGHT of the eleven characteristics, meaning that you can omit three. This will be a MAJOR grade.

Romantic Characteristic & Supporting Quote/Page Number

  • Favors the imagination over reason
  • Favors intuition over facts
  • Concerned with the "natural" man
  • Concerned with lost innocence
  • Nature vs. civilization
  • Intense interest in and reverence for nature
  • Accents mystery
  • Examines inner feelings and emotions
  • Interest in the supernatural
  • Strong belief in democracy
  • Deep awareness of the past

About this Document

I use this chart to help students identify quotes from the story to prove that it belongs in the romantic genre in preparation to write a paper.