The Devil and Tom Walker Characters

“The Devil and Tom Walker” key characters:

  • In “The Devil and Tom Walker,” Old Scratch is the Devil who tempts Tom Walker. He is a dark-skinned man with red eyes, a red sash, and an axe.

  • Tom Walker is a malicious, greedy character who makes a deal with the Devil in order to increase his own wealth.

  • Tom’s wife is a miserly woman who loses her life when she tries to bargain with Old Scratch.

Character Analysis

Old Scratch

Old Scratch is the guise for the Devil, who appears in "The Devil and Tom Walker'' as a dark-skinned man. Readers are told, however, that he...

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Tom Walker

Tom Walker is considered one of Washington Irving's least likeable characters. As described by Geoffrey Crayon, he is eccentric and miserly....

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Other Characters

The Devil
See Old Scratch

Tom's Wife
Tom's wife is a tall "termagant" woman, one who is fierce of...

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