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Kerry MacFarlane

Kerry MacFarlane, the narrator, the heir to Destiny Bay.

Jenepher MacFarlane

Jenepher MacFarlane, Kerry’s blind but beautiful aunt. She has a deep perception of human goodness. She is Sir Valentine’s sister.

Sir Valentine MacFarlane

Sir Valentine MacFarlane, Kerry’s redheaded, red-bearded uncle, the lord of Destiny Bay. He is courtly and hospitable. Loving people, he does all he can to help them.

The Duke of la Mentera

The Duke of la Mentera, a Spanish nobleman. A relatively poor man, he comes to Destiny Bay in search of a treasure chest lost from the Spanish Armada by an ancestor.

Don Anthony (Ann-Dolly)

Don Anthony (Ann-Dolly), the duke of la Mentera’s supposed grandson, who turns out to be a beautiful girl, known then as Ann-Dolly. She falls in love with and marries Jenico Hamilton.

James Carabine

James Carabine, Sir Valentine’s faithful valet. A great prizefighter, he fell on evil ways in New York City. He was rescued from drunkenness and failure by Sir Valentine, who went to America to bring him back to Ireland.

Jenico Hamilton

Jenico Hamilton, Kerry’s cousin, who lives near Destiny Bay. He marries Ann-Dolly.

Patrick Herne

Patrick Herne, Jenepher’s husband. He looks like Digory Pascoe, Jenepher’s dead fiancé, who, though killed in a fight, is kept alive for Jenepher for twelve years by Sir Valentine through letters written as though from Digory to Jenepher. Sir Valentine brings Patrick home as Digory. He and Jenepher fall in love and are married, after Jenepher learns he is not truly her supposed first fiancé.

The Fair Maid of Wu

The Fair Maid of Wu, a Chinese girl whom Cosimo MacFarlane saw three times and came to love.

Cosimo MacFarlane

Cosimo MacFarlane, Sir Valentine’s brother. He is a great, happy, joyous man. A heavy drinker who reforms, he works to reform other drunkards and ends up as the bishop of Borneo.

Anselo Loveridge

Anselo Loveridge, Cosimo’s friend, a gipsy rescued from the hangman’s noose by Cosimo. He finds the Fair Maid of Wu for his benefactor.