woman holding a baby walking out into the bayou

Désirée's Baby

by Kate Chopin

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Find out more about plantation life in the antebellum South. Based on this research, do you think the portrayal of L'Abri is accurate with regards to Louisiana's history?

Chopin has been noted for her exploration of a woman's search for identity. Do you find evidence of such investigation in ‘‘Désirée's Baby’’? Why, or why not?

Do you understand why Désirée took the course of action she did at the end of the story? Explain your answer.

Do you think if Désirée had chosen to return to her family home with her child, they would have been able to have any kind of normal life? Why, or why not?

How do you think Armand feels at the end of the story? Do you think he will continue to embrace his racist views, in the light of his knowledge regarding his own ancestry?

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