Derek Walcott World Literature Analysis - Essay

Derek Walcott World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

The Russian-born poet Joseph Brodsky has written, in regard to Walcott’s work, that “Poets’ real biographies are like those of birds, almost identical—their real data are in the way they sound. A poet’s biography is in his vowels and sibilants, in his meters, rhymes and metaphors.” If this is true, then Walcott’s biography is indeed a rich and varied one, for he is a master of metaphor, image, meter, and rhyme. Walcott’s technical abilities are not the source of his power as a poet; rather, his power lies in the full realization of language in its historic, cathartic, and revelatory condition. Walcott’s major themes are time, ocean, and language. Each of these is linked to the others in inextricable ways. Time...

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