Dennis May Potter Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The Glittering Coffin (nonfiction) 1960
The Changing Forest: Life in the Forest of Dean Today (nonfiction) 1962
The Confidence Course (television play) 1965
Stand Up, Nigel Barton (television play) 1965
Vote, Vote, Vote for Nigel Barton (television play) 1965
Almost Cinderella (television play) 1966
Son of Man (television play) 1969
Lay Down Your Arms (television play) 1970
Traitor (television play) 1971
Follow the Yellow Brick Road (television play) 1972
Hide and Seek (novel) 1973
Only Make Believe (television play) 1973
Joe's Ark (television play) 1974
Schmoedipus [adaptor; from a novel by Angus Wilson] (television play) 1974
Brimstone and Treacle (drama) 1976
Double Dare (television play) 1976
Where Adam Stood [adaptor; from the autobiography of Edmund Gosse] (television play) 1976
Pennies from Heaven (television play) 1978
Blue Remembered Hills (television play) 1979
Blade on a Feather (television play) 1980
Cream in My Coffee (television play) 1980
Rain on the Roof (television play) 1980
Gorky Park [adaptor; from the novel by Martin Cruz Smith] (screenplay) 1983
Dreamchild (screenplay) 1985
The Singing Detective (television play) 1986
Ticket to Ride (novel) 1986
§Blackeyes (novel) 1987
Christabel [adaptor; from a memoir by Christable Bielenberg] (television play) 1988
Track 29 (screenplay) 1988
Secret Friends (film) 1992
Lipstick on Your Collar (television play) 1993
Cold Lazarus (television play) 1994
Karaoke (television play) 1994

∗Potter based his screenplay for Nicolas Roeg's 1988 film Track 29 on this work.

†Potter also wrote the screenplay for the 1982 film version of this work directed by Richard Loncraine.

‡Potter also wrote the screenplay for the 1981 film version of this work directed by Herbert Ross. He also expanded the television play into novel form in 1982.

§Potter adapted this work for television in 1989.