Denis Diderot Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Denis Diderot Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

One of Denis Diderot’s shorter works of fiction is titled “This Is Not a Story.” He might have said of any one of his characteristic works of long fiction, “This is not a novel.” At first sight, all of his novels, with the exception of The Nun, look like plays. That is because Diderot’s favorite method is the dialogue; even many of his philosophical works, such as D’Alembert’s Dream and The Paradox of Acting, are written in this form. It is in the give-and-take of dialogue that Diderot excels, and his dramatic power, though not of first-rate quality on the stage, comes to life here. The unusually extensive use of dialogue, however, leads to a blurring of genres and a consequent disorder in...

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