Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Inez Christian Victor

Inez Christian Victor, an attractive member of an entrenched, wealthy Hawaiian family that lacks warmth and closeness. At the age of twenty, in 1955, she weds Harry Victor, who in 1969 becomes a U.S. senator and is later considered to be presidential material. Politics, she decides, costs her her memory and privacy. Consequently, she looks for intimacy in an intermittent affair with Jack Lovett, who, however, as an international adventurer is rarely available. After his death, she decides to assist refugees in Kuala Lumpur, with whom she can identify emotionally.

Paul Christian

Paul Christian, a ruthless aristocrat whose business interests often take him away from Hawaii. Obsessed with protecting his wealth and power, he not only drives away his wife and his daughter Inez but, in 1975, also kills his other daughter, Janet, for making land deals with Japanese American entrepreneur Wendell Omura. He is placed in a state asylum.

Carol Christian

Carol Christian, a California model who, in 1934, marries Paul Christian. Naïvely expecting to be embraced by the people of privilege in Hawaii, instead she remains an outsider. Out of loneliness, she often keeps her young children at home with her. Still uncomfortable in a society that ignores her, she finally abandons the islands and starts a career, booking celebrities for radio interviews in San Francisco. After Janet’s wedding, word comes of Carol’s death in a plane crash near Reno, Nevada.

Janet “Nezzie” Christian Ziegler

Janet “Nezzie” Christian Ziegler, Carol’s younger daughter. Disturbed by her...

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