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Delphine d’Albemar

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Delphine d’Albemar (dehl-FEEN dahl-beh-MAHR), the tragic heroine of this sentimental epistolary novel. Intellectually and financially independent upon her widowhood at twenty, she gives away part of her fortune to enable Matilda de Vernon, the daughter of a friend, to marry an unseen Spanish nobleman. When Delphine herself falls in love with the young nobleman, she is maligned and deceived by Matilda’s mother in order that the proposed marriage may take place. Always virtuous but never an adherent to convention, Delphine constantly finds her reputation in jeopardy. Deceived into taking vows as a nun, she renounces them to marry her lover, now a widower. Yet because public opinion is against her, she refuses to marry him, not wishing to make his life miserable. Ultimately, she takes poison and dies on his execution ground. The lovers, kept apart in life, are buried side by side.

Madame de Vernon

Madame de Vernon (vehr-NOHN), her close friend, a treacherous woman. On her deathbed, she confesses that she lied about Delphine.

Matilda de Vernon

Matilda de Vernon (mah-TEEL-dah), Madame de Vernon’s daughter. Her marriage to the man who loves Delphine is doomed to unhappiness. When her death frees her husband, he and Delphine are still unable to find happiness.

Léonce Mondeville

Léonce Mondeville (lay-OHNS mohn-deh-VEEL), a Spanish nobleman, Matilda’s fiancé. In love with and loved by Delphine, he is tricked by Matilda’s mother into going ahead with the marriage to Matilda. After Madame de Vernon, on her deathbed, clears Delphine’s name, he and Delphine decide to continue seeing each other. Their affair is not immoral, but it is assumed to be so. At last, having joined the royalist forces, he is captured and sentenced to death by the republican French government. After Delphine’s suicide at the spot where he is to be executed, the soldiers refuse to shoot him, but he taunts them until they do.

Madame d’Ervin

Madame d’Ervin (dehr-VAHN), a friend of Delphine, at whose house she meets her lover. In keeping Madame d’Ervin’s presence in the house a secret, Delphine finds that she herself is believed to be the object of the lover’s nocturnal visits. Madame de Vernon, informed of the truth, lies about it to Mondeville.

Monsieur de Serbellane

Monsieur de Serbellane (sehr-beh-LAHN), Madame d’Ervin’s lover. He kills her husband in a duel.

Monsieur de Valorbe

Monsieur de Valorbe (vah-LOHRB), a friend of Delphine’s late husband. His pursuit of Delphine results in repeated scandal. Distracted because she still refuses to marry him, he causes his own death.

Mademoiselle d’Albemar

Mademoiselle d’Albemar, Delphine’s sister-in-law. She vainly warns Delphine against Madame de Vernon.


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