A Delicate Balance

by Edward Albee

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Clurman, Harold. "Albee on Balance. "The New York Times (13 November 1966): II 1, 3.

Contends that in A Delicate Balance and other plays Albee demonstrates that "we are uneasy, without comfort, unhinged."

McCarten, John. "Six on a Seesaw. "The New Yorker XLII, No. 32 (1 October 1966): 121-22.

Review of A Delicate Balance that argues that the play is "lacking in cohesion, and the motivations of its characters [are] rather hard to follow."

Paolucci, Anne. "Albee and the Restructuring of the Modern Stage. "Studies in American Drama, 1945-Present 1 (1986): 3-23.

Analyzes Albee's innovative dramaturgy in A Delicate Balance, notably the "integration of language and musical effects—the arias, the large choral voices, the weaving of melodic strains "in the play.

Sheed, Wilfrid. "Liquor is Thicker. "Commonweal LXXXV, No. 2 (14 October 1966): 55-6.

Negative review that regards A Delicate Balance "no more than half a play, about a year's work from completion."

von Szeliski, John. "Between Optimism and Pessimism " In Tragedy and Fear: Why Modern Tragic Drama Fails, pp. 19-29. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1971.

Includes a consideration of A Delicate Balance, calling it "an excellent philosophical image of our time precisely because it does not attempt the formula of tragedy."

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