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Here, the author gives readers a philosophical view of poets. Instead of just being an art with amazing words and emotions, the author refers to poetry as a calling. He goes on to further claim that everyone is a poet since we have our individual ways of expressing how we feel. As a result, the author claims that poetry is an important part of human existence. The author says that poets are visionaries with an unmatched ability to uncover something about the nature of the universe. Poets have a special talent that enables them to use their environment to go beyond the boundaries of time and place and communicate in a way that is easy to understand for everyone. In keeping up with the philosophical ideologies, the author also argues that the poet is the "legislator" of humankind. All in all, the book is not your average "defense of poetry" literature, since it doesn't talk about grammatical rules or ways of writing, instead, it gives you an exclusive view inside the poet's mind.

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