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Natty Bumppo

Natty Bumppo, called Deerslayer, a skilled, modest, honorable, and brave young hunter. He has been brought up by Delaware Indians and taught by Moravian pietists; he embodies a natural innocence and nobility. Arriving at Lake Glimmerglass, he allies himself with Hurry Harry March and the Hutter family, at the same time trying to help his Indian friend Chingachgook rescue his betrothed from hostile Iroquois. He is soon forced to kill his first man, an Indian. He ransoms the captured Harry and Hutter after their capture during a raid on an Iroquois camp, but he himself is caught while assisting Chingachgook. The Iroquois respect his word and give him leave to offer his friends terms of surrender. When these are rejected, he goes back to be tortured. He escapes but is recaptured. His torture is stopped only by the timely arrival of Chingachgook and Hurry Harry with British troops. Unresponsive to Judith Hutter’s charms, he leaves to join the Delaware tribe.

Hurry Harry March

Hurry Harry March, a ferocious, greedy, swaggering frontiersman. Captured with Hutter during a raid for Indian scalps, he is released only by Deerslayer’s bargaining. His impulsive shooting of an Indian girl endangers his companions. Large and handsome, he is nevertheless refused by Judith Hutter, who favors Deerslayer. He redeems himself by leading the British soldiers to the Indian camp, thus saving Deerslayer’s life.


Chingachgook (chihn-GACH-gook), a Delaware chief. A noble savage, he is as adept in woodcraft and warfare as his friend Deerslayer. He manages to escape with his beloved, Wah-ta!-Wah,...

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The characters in The Deerslayer are conveniently grouped by their moral attitude. There are Tom and Hurry, settlers and frontiersmen...

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