The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The most beautiful woman in seven kingdoms marries the handsome king of a wealthy realm. They have one child, a daughter named Lissar, who is ignored while the happy couple enjoys an idyllic, self-absorbed marriage. When the queen discovers that her perfect beauty is fading, she orders a portrait and, when it is finished, adjures her husband to marry no one who is not as beautiful as the painting. Smiling in triumph, she dies.

Lissar is first noticed by anyone other than her nursemaid when the prince of a neighboring kingdom—alone of all those who send condolences and gifts to her father—sends her a gift, a puppy from his favorite fleethound bitch. Because of the puppy, Lissar begins to develop a love of life and nature. She becomes a very atypical princess, learning herbal and plant lore from the aunt of one of her chambermaids.

Lissar’s discovery of self is interrupted when a grand ball is given to present her to would-be suitors. Her mother’s portrait dominates the great room, but her father is overwhelmed by her resemblance to the portrait. He dances with her all night, turning away interested suitors. When he is later pressed to marry again, he declares his daughter to be his intended bride. The final horror occurs when he rapes her in her own bedroom.

Stunned into amnesia, Lissar follows her dog, Ash, out of the palace grounds, out of the country, and into a distant forest, where they subsist by learning to hunt and...

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