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Helen Denis

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Helen Denis, the narrator.

Kate Lancaster

Kate Lancaster, the narrator’s friend, who asks Helen to spend a summer at Deephaven with her in the house left to her mother by her great-aunt, Katherine Brandon. She and Helen are made welcome by those who have known the Lancaster family through several generations.

Dick Carew

Dick Carew, a retired East India merchant, one of Deephaven’s leading citizens.

Mrs. Carew

Mrs. Carew, his wife, a social leader in Deephaven.

Mr. Lorimer

Mr. Lorimer, a minister in Deephaven.

Mrs. Lorimer

Mrs. Lorimer, the minister’s wife.

Mrs. Kew

Mrs. Kew, wife of the keeper of a lighthouse near Deephaven. She becomes a great friend to Kate Lancaster and Helen Denis.

Captain Lant

Captain Lant, a retired sailor who tells the girls about Peletiah Daw and Peletiah’s wild nephew Ben.


Danny, a silent, weather-beaten sailor who tells the girls about his pet cat.

Captain Sands

Captain Sands, another old seafarer who befriends Helen and Kate.

Mrs. Bonny

Mrs. Bonny, an unconventional woman who lives near Deephaven. She reminds the girls of a friendly Indian.

Miss Chauncey

Miss Chauncey, an aristocratic old lady who lives, mildly insane, in an unfurnished old mansion.


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