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Characters Discussed

Anton Wohlfart

Anton Wohlfart (AHN-tohn VOHL-fahrt), a young middle-class German. Intelligent and attractive, he wins the esteem of his employer, T. O. Schröter, whom he later antagonizes by becoming the agent of Baron von Rothsattel. After bringing order out of the chaos of the baron’s affairs, he marries Sabine Schröter and becomes a partner in T. O. Schröter’s firm.

T. O. Schröter

T. O. Schröter (SHREH-tehr), an honorable German businessman and the employer of Anton Wohlfart.

Sabine Schröter

Sabine Schröter (zah-BEE-neh), T. O. Schröter’s sister, who marries Anton Wohlfart.

Baron von Rothsattel

Baron von Rothsattel (ROHT-zaht-tehl), a German nobleman. His chaotic business affairs are put in order by Anton Wohlfart, whom the baron insults and finally dismisses because of a misplaced sense of rank.

Lenore von Rothsattel

Lenore von Rothsattel (leh-NOH-reh), Baron von Rothsattel’s beautiful daughter, who persuades Anton Wohlfart to become her father’s agent and retrieve the baron’s ruined estates. She marries Fritz von Fink.

Hirsch Ehrenthal

Hirsch Ehrenthal (hihrsh EH-rehn-tahl), an unscrupulous usurer who plots the financial ruin of Baron von Rothsattel.

Veitel Itzig

Veitel Itzig (VI-tehl IHT-zihg), an employee of Hirsch Ehrenthal. With his knowledge of Ehrenthal’s affairs and by means of a dishonest manipulation of documents, he plots to acquire Baron von Rothsattel’s estates. He is drowned in his attempt to escape arrest.

Fritz von Fink

Fritz von Fink, an Americanized German nobleman and friend of Anton Wohlfart. He is instrumental in saving Baron von Rothsattel’s Polish estates and marries Lenore von Rothsattel.

Eugen von Rothsattel

Eugen von Rothsattel (OY-gehn), Baron von Rothsattel’s gallant but impractical son.




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