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(Great Characters in Literature)

Green Eyes

Green Eyes, a handsome, twenty-two-year-old, condemned murderer. He is the leader of the cell and revered in the prison for his insidious crime of seducing a girl and then strangling her during sex. His chief rival is a black murderer named Snowball, whom he has secretly befriended and actually admires. Whereas the prisoner Lefranc lauds a black criminal, Snowball, as the god of the prison, Maurice, another cellmate, worships Green Eyes. This creates endless contention between Maurice and Lefranc; twice Green Eyes is forced to pull Lefranc from Maurice’s throat. Being illiterate, Green Eyes needs Lefranc’s help in corresponding with his girlfriend on the outside, even though Green Eyes accuses Lefranc of trying to steal her. Green Eyes is at first obsessed with his girlfriend, as evidenced by her face being tattooed on his chest. Realizing that he probably will be executed in two months, he instructs his companions to kill her when they are released from prison. When the guard comes to inform Green Eyes that his girlfriend has arrived for a visit, he refuses to see her. Instead, he gives the guard permission to make a play for her. The third time Lefranc lunges at Maurice, Green Eyes passively stands by to watch the slaughter. Although he does nothing to stop it, he is repulsed by Lefranc’s willful murder of Maurice and calls for the guard.

Georgie Lefranc

Georgie Lefranc, an insolent...

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