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(Great Characters in Literature)

Gerald Gales

Gerald Gales, an American seaman without a passport who wanders through Europe in the period following World War I and eventually joins the crew of a “death ship.” He arrives in Antwerp, Belgium, as a plain sailor on the SSTuscaloosa out of New Orleans, Louisiana. When his ship makes an early departure while he spends a night ashore, Gales discovers that in the aftermath of the war, European authorities have no interest in assisting an undocumented working-class alien, and he is pushed from Belgium to Holland to France and finally to Spain, spending some time in custody in each country. His appeals to American consuls prove fruitless: Paradoxically, he must have proof of his American citizenship for a consul to assist him in obtaining proof of his American citizenship. In Barcelona, Spain, Gales is enticed into signing on as a “coal-drag” on the Yorikke, a battered freighter. Occupying the lowest, most dangerous, and most strenuous position on this miserable ship, Gales finds one compensation in his friendship with Stanislav Koslovski, his fellow coal-drag. The Yorikke sails the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean off Africa, smuggling munitions and other goods. During a call in the African port of Dakar, both Gales and Koslovski are kidnapped by the crew of the Empress of Madagascar, a ship whose owners have decided that their profit lies in sinking their vessel for its insurance value....

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