Death of a Salesman Act II, Part 1: Questions and Answers

Arthur Miller

Act II, Part 1: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. In the morning, Willy tells Linda he will buy something for the backyard. What does he intend to buy and what does Miller seem to mean by this purchase?

2. As he leaves the house, what does Willy plan to ask Howard?

3. What message does Linda relay to Willy from Biff and Hap?

4. Why do Linda’s stockings make Willy nervous?

5. What machine does Howard show Willy? How might Howard’s comments about this machine make Willy uncomfortable?

6. Does Willy receive a non-traveling job or does he continue in his old job as traveling salesman?

7. Who is Dave Singleman and what significance does he hold for Willy?

8. What reasons does Howard give for not granting Willy’s requests and finally firing him?

9. Why does Willy mention Howard’s father?

10. Where does Howard suggest Willy look for support?

1. Willy intends to buy some seeds to plant a garden in the backyard. The seeds seem to signify Willy’s renewed hope, but because of his lack of success in the past we must question whether anything will change for Willy.

2. Willy plans to ask Howard for a non-traveling sales job. In addition, he plans to ask for an advance in pay so he can settle his bills.

3. Linda tells Willy that he should meet Biff and Hap at a restaurant at six o’clock because his sons want to buy him dinner...

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