Death of a Salesman Act I, Part 4: Summary and Analysis

Arthur Miller

Act I, Part 4: Summary and Analysis

Part 4 covers the action up to the end of Act I.

The flashback involving Ben has ended, leaving Willy alone when Linda comes looking for him. In a dreamy state, still thinking of Ben, Willy has headed out of the house to take a short walk despite the late hour. Woken up by Willy’s loud, imagined conversation with Ben moments ago, Biff and Happy now come downstairs to talk with their mother about Willy. Surprised by the severity of Willy’s hallucinations, Biff asks why his mother had not told him of Willy’s condition. Linda responds that Willy’s disturbed state stems partly from Biff’s failure to write Willy, to reconcile their differences, and to settle into a career.

When Biff...

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